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Stop sitting on your prophetic gift. It's time to grow stronger.

Get ready to grow stronger in your prophetic anointing.  God is speaking!! We want you to hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying in this season!

I'm Trish M.

I can’t wait to help you grow stronger in your prophetic gift.

I knew I was different; I just didn't know what to do with my "different".


When you are gifted in the prophetic, the #1 thing you need to do is get a MENTOR!

I honestly had no clue when it came to understanding the spirit realm. I knew it could scare me at times, but I had no clue what it entailed. When I enrolled in the school of prophets with my mentor, Apostle Mathis, everything became clearer.

Since then, I have been mentoring people for over a decade from all around the world. 

My prophetic classes have changed the lives of so many people. and is sure to change your life as well. That's why you're here. You know there's more to this prophetic gift. Let me help you with that.

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This Prophetic Seminar is exactly what you need to take your prohetic gift to another level.

4 hours of prophetic teachings, trainings and development that will help you understand how to walk in your calling more effectively.

Teachings that will change your life.

1. Prophetic Realms

2. Prophetic Dimensions

3. Prophetic Protocol

4. Prophetic Prayer

5. Tongues & Activation of Interpretation of Tongues

6. Mysteries of God

7. The Prophet & the Seer

8. Discerning of Spirits

9. Angels & Demons

10. Demonology 101

11. Understanding Deliverance

12. Dreams & Visions

These classes are exactly what you need to stir your prophetic gift. Get ready to be activated to hear God at another level.

Indoctrination. Demonstration Impartation. Activation.

No more confusion. No more doubt. Get ready to be secure in who God has called you to be.

Get enrolled in this prophetic seminar today!


Get in depth prophetic teachings that will strengthen your gift, call and anointing

This Prophetic Seminar Includes:


4 hours of teaching, training, and activation of the prophetic gift

You'll get in-depth trainings, activations, and impartation to help develop your prophetic gift/anointing. 


In person or virtual.

Join us in person for your prophetic activations, or grab a virtual ticket. For virtual tickets, email us at


To transform your life—and have an impact.

Fulfillment comes when you walk in purpose in order to fulfill the destiny that God has called you to walk in. This is your time to stir and activate your prophetic gift and call like never before.


“ We often hear “self love is the best love’ but I say, “self investment is the best investment”.  The Prophetic Gift Zone Mentoring Program (Academy of Prophetic People) is phenomenal; it’s very informative and challenges you to dig deeper and find yourself.  You will find out a lot that is not taught in the church.  Prophetess Trish is an awesome teacher and is very passionate about imparting the Word into each person.  She has shed so much light on the prophetic and is not afraid of the enemy.  I’m very thankful she answered the call and birthed out one of her many visions to equip and empower other women..

Bridgette M.

“I was emailing to give feedback on the first live class. It was awesome! I am so glad that the Spirit of God led me to Prophetess Trish.  The courses are awesome! It is what I was looking for and more. God bless you. Love you much!”

Dr. Nicckay

“The Prophetic Gift Zone (Academy of Prophetic People) became a tremendous blessing to my life. The Lord led me to Prophetess Trish in order for me to reach the next level He was taking me too. The information you receive is so phenomenal that you have no choice but to grow in the LORD. The program is such an eye opener!! Tearing down  all the religious and tradition barriers you  were taught during your Christian Walk. At the same time building your faith in Christ Jesus. I thank and praise the Lord each and everyday for raising up leaders like Prophetess Trish. To teach and nurture those like us who desire to grow in the things of GOD.  I truly feel confident in who I am in Christ Jesus. Knowing and believing that I am a Kingdom Builder!!! I am encouraging each and everyone who enters the program to remain steadfast to the end no matter what comes your way. Stand firm on what God instructed you to do because your greater is coming!!!”

Troi N.

Being under the leadership and training of Trish M was one of the best decisions that I could have ever made for my life! She continues to pull the best out of me on a daily basis– gifts and talents that were locked on the inside of me. Being stretched and getting outside of my comfort zone is a daily practice for me. On my own, I never knew or imagined that I would be doing the things that I am doing now in business….nor did I imagine that I’d be going to places that I’m now going. My dreams are truly becoming a reality! I can truly say that now I have more confidence, and I’m standing taller knowing that I can do whatever I set my mind to do. I can now see things before I see them. She has pulled the true visionary out of me, and I’m excited about it! Connecting with Trish M could be one of the best moves you ever made too! She tells us constantly…we don’t have NEXT; we have NOW! Now is your time to connect with her and get ready to go to levels in your life that you never before imagined…Mind, Body, & Business!

Tracey J.

Who's the seminar for?

This seminar is for anyone who has a prophetic gift, walks in the office of a prophet, or simply want to learn more about the prophetic gift. This seminar will break down biblical truths on how to operate in the prophetic gift that will change your life!

Can I get a virtual ticket if I can't make it in person?

Yes. Simply go to the link- Click Here

Will it be recorded if I registered and missed the event?

Yes. Replays will be sent out within a week via email.

Will food be served?

Yes. Light refreshments will be provided throughout the seminar.

Ready to grow?

The Speak Lord Prophetic Seminar is waiting for you. Things happen when you show up.  

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